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Parish Registration

New members of the parish are invited to use this form to register, and established members may use it to advise us of updated information, or to request offertory envelopes.

Parish Registration Form

Parish Life

Funeral Support:

Receptions after Funeral Masses held in St. Anthony Church are sometimes held in our beautiful Parish Memorial Center. This is an extension of the Bereavement Committee in helping the family going through grief.  In preparing the food and place for the reception is one less concern that a grieving family has to shoulder.  The deceased’s family makes provisions for the main entré (perhaps meat and cheese platters or lasagna) and volunteer parishioners provide desserts and salads.  The parish also has volunteers in the kitchen during the funeral to make sure all of the food and beverages are ready by the end of the liturgy. If you would like to volunteer to provide food, or if you would like to work in the kitchen for this ministry, please call the parish office.

Welcoming and Inclusion Committee:

The Welcoming and Inclusion Committee, a St. Anthony Parish ministry, welcomes new parishioners and helps parishioners feel right at home. We believe we are called in service to use our God-given talents to create an inviting spirit that welcomes all and values everyone as gifted individuals.  Many of our founding committee members who still with us serve as a testament to our strong commitment to keep this ministry going.

We sponsor several events such as the Ice Cream Social and Wine and Appetizer Gathering after the 5:00 p.m. Saturday Mass, and the annual Newcomer’s Luncheon for all new parishioners joining the parish.  We host the reception after the Easter Vigil Mass, our biggest event, welcoming new members brought into the Church through baptism, and the adult catechumens received into full communion with the Church.

As with all ministries, we need new members to replace older members retiring from this Committee, and who have given there all in uplifting the spirits of others.  Remember people in our parish build relationships and community.  The committee helps create events, but it is parishioners’ participation that makes it memorable and joyful.  We ask each and every one of you to reflect and look into your heart for the strength to say “YES”, and serve in our committee.

If you would like to occasionally volunteer with our events, we welcome your help.  If you would like to join our Committee we welcome you with open arms.  Please ask any of our members below for more information, or call Toni Taylor at 393-1617.

Social Events Committee:

The Purpose of the Social Committee is to plan and support Parish-wide activities that promote the building of Community. Some Activities that the Committee supports: Sunday Coffee, Friday Dinners, Lenten Soup Dinners, Summer Potluck, Fall Festival, Fall Dinner Auction and various parish activities.  If you want to participate contact Dan and Becky Stratman (428-4284).